PN – YBS – WY pressure check use

1, pressure gauge with pressure check check transmitter, 24 v output terminal, then transmitter “+” end, current measuring terminal transmitter “-” end words, then LCD display discharge switch in the I: 00.000 mA state, check can show transmitter output current value.

According to our factory production and technical personnel in production and use, concludes some experience, for use PN – YBS – WY pressure check staff reference:

2, for the convenience of transmitter check, some test instrument in the internal has 24 v power supply to join current terminal, connection mode is: current measuring terminal transmitter “+” end, will transmitter “-” end earthing terminal, other steps as above.
PN – YBS – WY pressure check use note:

3, display window of light emitting diode for charging indication, when the luminous tube to red, says is to charge, when hair pipe automatic into green, said charging completes.pressure gauges