Classification and Improvement of Sanitary Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
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Classification and Improvement of Sanitary Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

In fact, when we use diaphragm pressure gauges, we can find that diaphragm pressure gauges not only have many advantages but also have some weak points that are hard to ignore. We need to take some measures to improve these shortcomings. But how to improve these shortcomings of diaphragm pressure gauges? Below is a detailed introduction.

Ⅰ. How to improve the diaphragm pressure gauges?

In the actual measurement, the actual measurement function of the diaphragm pressure gauge is realized by using the elastic deformation of the spring tube in the measurement system to force the elastic displacement of the end of the spring tube and then enlarging the transmission structure through the gear through the pull rod. And the result is shown by the indicator on the fixed gear.

In fact, a diaphragm pressure gauge is simultaneously affected by many different factors during its operation. In order to improve its measurement performance, we also need to improve the diaphragm pressure gauge. For example, the voltage of the control circuit can be reduced, that is, the voltage of the control circuit can be reduced to an appropriate range. To meet this requirement, the transformer must be installed and the coils of the intermediate relay and contactor must be replaced at the same time.

This improvement method is mainly to reduce the occurrence of EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), but because the transient current impact of the diaphragm pressure gauge contact and the counter EMF applied to the contact of the contactor coil cannot be eliminated, it still cannot completely eliminate the shortcomings of the traditional solution. To solve this problem, we also adopted DC weak current control. The bistable trigger circuit is composed of time base circuit and peripheral components, and drives the relay to control the contactor.

Ⅱ. What are the types of sanitary diaphragm pressure gauges?

The sanitary diaphragm pressure gauge itself belongs to a relatively special pressure instrument. In order to meet the needs of different workplaces, such instruments are usually divided into ordinary sanitary diaphragm pressure gauges, circular spiral diaphragm pressure gauges and ring diaphragm pressure gauges.

In general, sanitary diaphragm pressure gauges should meet the following basic requirements:

(1) Quick and convenient installation and disassembly on site;

(2) Not easy to pollute;

(3) Easy to clean;

(4) Safe and reliable;

(5) It can meet the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and other requirements.

Due to this feature of diaphragm pressure gauges, it has been widely used in pharmaceutical, food, drinking water, water treatment and other industries, because these fields have stricter hygienic requirements for instruments. As for the corrosion resistance of the instrument, the corrosion resistance of the instrument can be ensured by selecting the materials of the diaphragm, flange and sealing ring that are in contact with the measuring medium.

It should be noted that the effect of temperature must be considered in the actual measurement process. This is because the sanitary diaphragm pressure gauge system is filled with sealing fluid as a medium for transmitting pressure. Due to the expansion coefficient of the temperature body of the sealing fluid, the indicated value of the diaphragm pressure gauge increases as the temperature of the pressure parts increases.

Usually, the temperature's effect on sanitary diaphragm pressure gauge includes many factors such as the expansion coefficient of sealing fluid, diaphragm stiffness, temperature of the pressure parts, etc. Especially in low-range pressure gauges, the impact is more obvious.

For example, when measuring with a sanitary diaphragm pressure gauge, if the temperature deviates from 20±5℃, there will be a certain error considering the influence of temperature, and the value is 0.1%/℃.

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