Introduction to Types of Oil Pressure Gauges!
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Introduction to Types of Oil Pressure Gauges!

Mechanical oil pressure gauge

The mechanical oil pressure gauge is the simplest tool to detect the pressure of a hydraulic system. It has an internally bent arc-shaped hollow spring tube, pull rod, gear rack, gear, pointer and buffer mechanism.

When detecting the pressure of a hydraulic system, the pressure oil enters the hollow spring tube, and the hydraulic pressure of the oil makes the spring tube deform. The gear rack is driven by the pull rod and rotates, which in turn drives the gear to rotate, and the gear drives the pointer to rotate, converting the oil pressure into pointer rotation, thus displaying the pressure value of the part of the hydraulic system being tested. If the oil pressure of the part being tested is pulsating, the pointer of the oil pressure gauge will show vibration with the pulsation.

Mechanical oil pressure gauges are divided into vibration-resistant and shock-resistant types. The spiral spring tube and the case of the vibration-resistant pressure gauge are filled with high-viscosity mineral silicone oil, which can act as damping, reducing the vibration of the pointer and making it more resistant. Therefore, the dynamic response of the vibration-resistant oil pressure gauge is poor, and the shock-resistant oil pressure gauge is more suitable for dynamic detection of hydraulic system pressure.

When testing oil pressure with a mechanical oil pressure gauge, it should be kept in a vertical state, with the line of sight perpendicular to the dial, in order to observe an accurate pressure value.

Digital oil pressure gauge

The digital oil pressure gauge, also known as the numeric oil pressure gauge, has a built-in pressure sensor and is an integrated pressure detection and display gauge. It has good resistance to pressure shocks, high display accuracy, and can display the maximum value detected and has a one-key clearing function.

During the rise of hydraulic system pressure when using a digital oil pressure gauge, the displayed number changes continuously in an instant, making it difficult for the maintenance personnel to observe the changes in pressure from low to high, and they can only see the maximum pressure value. If the pressure of the measured hydraulic system has a pulsation, the displayed number will also change continuously in an instant, making it difficult to observe the amplitude of the pulsation change.

Universal oil pressure gauge

The universal oil pressure gauge consists of a pressure sensor, flow sensor, temperature sensor, computer and cables, etc., and is the best tool to detect hydraulic systems. The universal oil pressure gauge can display the curve of the hydraulic system pressure changes on the computer screen, and record the curve of the corresponding relationship between pressure, flow, and temperature.

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