Precautions for Using Pressure Gauges and Their Role in Industrial Production
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Precautions for Using Pressure Gauges and Their Role in Industrial Production

Ⅰ. Precautions for using the pressure gauge

The pressure gauge is a gauge that measures and indicates the pressure in the pressure product. Although the gauge is small, its function is very large and its application is also very wide. Today we will talk about the issues that should be paid attention to when using pressure gauges.

1. When setting the pressure gauge, it must be vertical. When selecting the scene, a 17mm wrench should be used. The shell cannot be twisted strongly. It is best not to bump the instrument when transporting it. -25~55℃ is the best ambient temperature for using the pressure gauge.

2. When the ambient temperature is too high during use, the meter will indicate incorrectly, it may not return to the zero position or the displayed value is different. At this time, cut off the sealing rubber plug on the case and communicate with the atmosphere, and its temperature will gradually drop until the temperature reaches the working level. After request, paste the sealing tape on the upper part of the case.

3. When the medium measured by the pressure gauge is corrosive, crystalline or highly viscous, an isolation device must be added to the pressure gauge to prevent damage to the gauge. Check the meter at regular intervals to see if there is any malfunction. If in doubt, check immediately. Only in this way can the instrument operate normally for a long time.

When using a pressure gauge, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to, but don't stop paying attention because you find it troublesome. Security issues are very important. This kind of instrument needs regular inspection and maintenance to eliminate all potential safety hazards for long-term work.

Ⅱ. The roles of pressure gauges in industrial production

The pressure gauge is an instrument used to test and indicate that the pressure exceeds the environment, using elastic elements as sensing elements. Through the elastic deformation of the elastic element in the pressure gauge, the movement conversion mechanism in the pressure gauge transmits the pressure deformation to the pointer, so that the rotation of the pointer represents the pressure.

Pressure is an important process parameter in industrial production. If the pressure cannot meet the expected requirements, it will affect production efficiency and product quality, and serious safety accidents will occur.

The risk of pressure gauge is very low, especially when compared with monitoring production system, it is difficult to calculate. Because it is a prerequisite for automatic linkage and induction protection devices, and a way for various induction devices to obtain pressure information, it is highly valued in use.

The pressure gauge plays an irreplaceable role in the production system. Small problems in the operation of pressure gauges may indicate potential safety hazards. For example, for those instruments used to detect explosion, corrosion or toxicity, every small problem on the instrument should be paid attention to, because errors can lead to huge disasters.

In short, the safe use of pressure gauges is something that companies should do, and it is also the responsibility of every operator. This requires companies that use pressure gauges to fundamentally improve the safety of the use of the system and reduce the risk of safety pressure on the instrument, which provides a good operating environment.

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