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In food processing, high demands are placed on hygiene. Meters are the right ingredients for processing raw materials such as sugar or starch and for the production of beverages, dairy products or chocolate products.

They can be used to perform complex measuring tasks in process automation, here including the measurement of viscous substances to fine powders to abrasive solids, either in small vessels or in vessels with stirring devices or heating coils. The instruments in this series have a wide variety of connection options, ensuring integration into the process for every application.


For stable and aseptic food processing we use the right pressure gauge for monitoring the equipment. The principles for selecting the right gauge are: "no fluid accumulation, easy to flush, easy to disassemble and clean, material in contact with the material (instrument control valve) is non-toxic and non-hazardous to the material".

Sanitary clamp connection pressure transmitter: Here, as one of professional pressure gauge manufacturers, we choose to meet the FDA requirements of sanitary clamps and the corresponding EPDM gasket, clamp connection is easy to quickly disassemble and clean, 316L stainless steel clamps and EPDM gasket, to meet the requirements of food hygiene is used to measure the pressure of non-standard equipment vessel sanitary pressure transmitter installation, the use of non-standard flange (tapered thread fasteners), non-standard flange using 304 stainless steel. The purpose of such installation is to minimize dead space and fluid accumulation.

GC company produces diaphragm type pressure using sanitary material force widely used in the food industry this particular industry.
4th Floor, Building 4, No. 36, Lane 68, Fenglin Road, Xiaogang Street, Beilun District, Ningbo.