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Intelligent IOT Pressure Gauge

Our intelligent IOT system which is designed according to customer requirement, serve for the customer to collect the data to measuring monitoring and process controlling in the intelligent building, smart factory, smart city, intelligent industrial automation, more reliability, more intelligent and better performance. Which is widely used for the industry of Oil and gas, power plant, chemical, steel, smelting, paper, food, beverage, pharmacy, environmental protection, green energy and so on. Let us know your requirement, let us realize your intelligent and high efficiary working performance.

Types of IOT WiFi Pressure Gauge for Sale

What is IOT WiFi Water Pressure Gauge?

The WiFi water pressure gauge is an equipment which has correlation with the measure of air pressure. Those measuring instruments have two diverse catalogues, that is high-performance series 800 and high-value series 700. There are various wonderful functions of those gauge, for example, it can provide faster pace in WiFi network and update rate, have fewer requirements in infrastructure. Its common applications consist of measuring the high pressure in the industries of petrochemical hydrocarbon recovery. They are all promoted by using advanced technology, and get a higher level compared with the old generation, providing a new and excellent experience to let the consumers feel more safe and comfortable. High quality, attractive appearance, fabulous performance, advanced technology and smarter service, all of these great advantages shape into the wifi water pressure gauge, which can give your life a fresh experience.

IOT WiFi Pressure Gauge Working Principle

The WiFi pressure gauge is a versatile and useful tool with high quality and great performance. It based on a fabulous wireless network, which is known as the first multiprotocol one in this field. Those instruments can exist and carry out in real time at the same time. With this kind of network, the wifi pressure gauge could let users set up a network with high performance more easily to process watching and increase more applications. Our wifi pressure gauge is upgraded by using advanced technology, and reaches a higher level compared with the old generation, providing a new and wonderful experience to the users.

FAQ of IOT WiFi Pressure Gauge

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    What types of the Wireless pressure gauges are usually used in our life?

    The WiFi pressure gauges have various types, including WiFi temperature water pressure gauge and wireless air pressure gauge. The standard of classification is the scope and  the environment it measured.

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    How do we choose the appropriate pressure gauge?

    It depends on what kinds of place and things do you measure firstly. Then I recommend you to choose a high-quality and high-performance device which based on a versatile and useful network in order to deal with things and data at a fast pace, thus having a fabulous using experience.

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    How do I check wifi temperature gauge remotely?

    The WiFi temperature gauge is an appealing choice for users to remotely monitor the temperature in your house or office. You can install a WiFi remote temperature sensor or download an app in your mobile phone. And the device could connect the WiFi to remotely track the temperature in your home and send the warning to your phone.

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    What does WiFi water pressure gauge use for?

    The WiFi water pressure gauge is used to measure and monitor the  pressure in water, like pool, sea and some water systems. This gauge can notify the users the pressure, the force and can also let people know whether there are some errors happen, which reduce large amount of cost.

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    How much does a wireless air pressure gauge cost?

    The cost of a great wireless air pressure gauge ranging from $5 to $20. If you protect it very well, it can have a long age and high accuracy. Different types of gauges have different prices, so you can consult our sales to the detailed information.

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    Can I have a product and price list of your company?

    Of course, you can contact with our sales, they will send you  the messages.

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