Lpg Gas Pressure Gauge
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Lpg Gas Pressure Gauge

Lpg Gas Pressure Gauge

Lpg, propane gas testing device, 35mm back entry lpg copper propane tank nature gas safety pressure gauge.
35mm gas cylinder gauge manometer used on a gas safety device, domestic liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders. The lpg gas cylinder pressure gauge has a high pressure control sensor with a safety valve and a pressure gauge.
As a professional performance gas pressure gauge supplier, the quality of our lpg pressure gauges can be well ensured. Various lpg gas cylinder pressure gauges for sale, welcome to consult.

  • Lpg Gas Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure Gauge for Lpg Gas
  • Lpg Gas Cylinder Pressure Gauge
Application & Features:

Features of Our LPG Gas Pressure Gauge

1. Compatible with all appliances, connection 20 lb to 40 lb propane tanks

2. Monitoring fuel level without removing the tank. Color coded dial allows you to see at a glance when the propane level is low. Here are three levels: natural gas, low gas, supplement.

3. With leak detection function, the lpg gas pressure gauge will limit the flow to protect your safety once there is a gas leak.

4. High precision gas pressure indicators made of high quality brass can perfectly provide oven, o-ring tight connection between RV and tank, very durable and sturdy.

5. Coming with dust cover. No tools required and easy to install with hand-hand grip for tightening. Great for using gas grill, heater, smoker, camp stove, lantern, tabletop grill, fire pit table, turkey fryer and more propane appliances.

Advantages of Our LPG Gas Cylinder Pressure Gauge

1. Solid brass provides a strong airtight connection while preventing the product from scratching and wear.
2. Color coded dials allow you to see at a glance when the propane levels are low.
3. The lpg pressure gauge provides overheating protection in case of liquid leakage


Specifications of Lpg Gas Pressure Gauge


1.5” /35mm

Case material

Copper Alloy

Wetted parts

Copper Alloy


Copper Alloy




Back connection; Fast Interface 


Aluminum,  black

Working temperature


Product Pictures:
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