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Mini High Pressure Gauge

Mini high pressure gauge size is available from 1" to 1.5" to realize the small size requirements for the equipment, pressure up to 6000psi, safety for the high pressure performance, GC-BOB is the best manufacturer for this high pressure solution system to solve your concern on the safety.

Types of Mini High Pressure Gauge for Sale

Introduction of CG Mini High Pressure Gauge

Our mini high pressure gauges are special in small size but have amazing safety when we use. That is because we are a trained and well-standard miniature pressure gauge company and we also have stable and quality mini high pressure gauge so that we can keep going ahead. We have a good deal of sales marketing around the world, including Asian, America, Africa and so on. Our high quality mini high pressure gauge deserves your reliance and believe. We have many certificates and quality assurance to enable our products to have reliable and superior quality. Besides that, we also provide comfortable and great after-sale service to promote your using experience. Welcome to order!


Advantages of CG Miniature Pressure Gauge

Our miniature pressure gauges have many advantages. Firstly, our miniature pressure gauge is equipped with new advanced materials, using superior technology and having wonderful performance. Secondly, in terms of the price, this product is the only best choice for users to purchase, which both have various functions and affordable prices. You can buy it in a relative low price, but can create more value and reduce your other cost by using our miniature pressure gauge. Besides that, our product is relatively small in sizes and light in weight, so it is very easy to carry and very convenient for our consumers.

FAQ of Mini High Pressure Gauge

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    What's the biggest strength of the mini high pressure gauge?

    The biggest advantage of our this product is its mini size. It is much more smaller than other device, easy to carry and implement.

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    What are the size of pressure gauge?

    We have different sizes of pressure gauge for your purchase. For example, we have the products in small, mini and macro size.

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    What does a high pressure hydraulic gauge measure?

    The high pressure hydraulic gauge uses its internal sensing elements to measure and test the hydraulic environment. And you can know the pressure through reading the number on dial of the gauge.

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    How does a mini high pressure pressure gauge work?

    The miniature pressure gauge has the similar functions as other normal pressure gauge, which using technology to measure and monitor the pressure in the environment. The biggest advantage of this product is its mini size, comfortable to carry.

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    Does the mini high pressure gauge has the same capability as other gauge?

    Yes, our mini high pressure gauge are similar to other pressure measuring devices, but it is smaller than other, which is more convenient.

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    If I buy this gauge, can your company provide after-sale service?

    As long as you make a purchase of any products of our company, we all supply great after-sale service for you.

4th Floor, Building 4, No. 36, Lane 68, Fenglin Road, Xiaogang Street, Beilun District, Ningbo.