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Safety Pressure Gauge

Safety pattern gauges ensure an even higher protection for the operator in the event of a fatal rupture of the Bourdon tube. For this purpose they are using one or more of the following safety features: there are two different kinds of safety pattern pressure gauges: those with a baffle wall and those without.

Types of Safety Pattern Gauge Wholesale

What is Safety Pattern Pressure Gauge

Safety Pressure Gauge are designed with the special construction that will guarantee the safety of the operator. Safety Pressure Gauge is generally used within the gas industry which has device of a solid front baffle wall, safety glass window and a blow out back in the rear of the safety gauge.

Safety pattern pressure gauge is used in measuring pneumatic or gas testing over 25 bar in case of a bourdon tube rupture no projectiles will blow out from the front of the gauge.

Advantages of CG Safety Pattern Gauge

1. An additional solid baffle is welded between the dial and the measuring system

2. The back wall of the CG safety pattern gauge can be completely separated

3. The window is usually made of laminated safety glass

The full stainless steel safety pressure gauge has a liquid filling plug and an internal proof diaphragm on the top. The liquid-filled safety pressure gauge has shock resistance and various functions, which can prevent internal damage to the pressure gauge, and can also lubricate the internal components to reduce corrosion.


How to install Safety Pressure Gauge

From the perspective of the installation structure, there are direct installation, embedded installation and convex installation of safety pressure gauge. The embedded installation is divided into radial embedded installation and axial embedded installation. The convex installation also has radial convex installation and axial installation. Convex-mounted points. Direct mounting type is divided into radial direct mounting type and axial direct mounting type. The radial direct mounting type is the basic mounting type. Generally, when the mounting structure type is not specified, it refers to the radial direct mounting type and the axial direct mounting type. The direct installation type considers the stability of its own support, and is generally only used on pressure gauges with a nominal diameter of less than 150mm.

4th Floor, Building 4, No. 36, Lane 68, Fenglin Road, Xiaogang Street, Beilun District, Ningbo.