Quality Appraisal Methods and Installation of Pressure Gauge
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Quality Appraisal Methods and Installation of Pressure Gauge

Ⅰ. The quality appraisal method of the pressure gauge

The pressure gauge is one of the commonly used instruments in industrial production. It mainly uses elastic elements as sensitive elements to test and indicate instruments different from environmental pressure. Pressure gauges are widely used in various industries, so it is very important to understand the quality of pressure gauges.

1. Before getting the pressure gauge, one shall carefully observe whether its outer packaging and packaging box are clear.

2. After removing the pressure gauge, carefully observe whether the surface of the pressure gauge is flat, smooth, and free of rust, and whether the welding part is smooth and free of cracks.

3. Please observe whether the reading part of the pressure gauge is clear and whether the transparent cover is stained.

4. For the pressure gauge with stop pin, the pointer should be close to the stop pin when there is no pressure. If there is no pin-stop pressure gauge, when there is no pressure, the pointer should be at zero.

Ⅱ. Installation of the pressure gauge

Chemical properties are the properties of substances in chemical changes. When the pressure gauge is used to measure special media such as viscosity or acid-base, a diaphragm type pressure gauge should be selected. The liquid receiving material should be made of stainless steel according to the measuring medium, and different liquid receiving materials should be selected.

Special gas should be marked as oil-free on the pressure gauge. And indicate the measured medium. When installing the wall, you should choose a digital pressure gauge with an edge. When the digital pressure gauge is directly installed on the pipeline, the borderless digital pressure gauge should be selected, considering the installation location and the convenience of observation and management.

1. Check before installing the pressure gauge, and install and use it after it is qualified. During the installation process, the pressure gauge is fixed on the specially processed joint, do not wrap the wire of the cushion or directly upward the valve. The pressure gauge should be installed in a place that is convenient for operation and maintenance.

2. The horizontal section of the connecting pipeline should have a certain slope to facilitate the removal of condensate or gas. When the measured medium is gas, the pipeline should be inclined to the pressure tap. When the measured medium is liquid, the pipeline should be inclined to the pressure measuring instrument. When the measured parameter is a small pressure difference value, the tilt can be slightly larger.

3. The pressure gauge installation should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane. The measuring point of the equipment should be the same as the horizontal position of the equipment installation. The distance between the installation of the equipment and the measuring point should be as short as possible. Inflammable and explosive gas medium and toxic and harmful medium.

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