Requirements for Selecting Oil Pressure Gauges!
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Requirements for Selecting Oil Pressure Gauges!

Oil pressure gauges can be used to diagnose hydraulic system failures. By testing the pressure values of the hydraulic system and observing the changes in pressure, the technical status of the hydraulic system and components can be understood. Based on experience, analysis and judgement can then be used to find the cause of the failure and devise a maintenance plan.

When selecting a mechanical oil pressure gauge to test a hydraulic system, technical requirements such as accuracy grade, selection points, and detection environment must be considered. Digital oil pressure gauges and universal oil pressure gauges, on the other hand, do not require such technical considerations.

Accuracy grade of oil pressure gauges

Experience has shown that oil pressure gauges manufactured in Germany are the most accurate, reliable, and durable. The measurement unit of a German oil pressure gauge is in bar, while Chinese oil pressure gauges are manufactured according to national standards with a measurement unit in MPa. It should be noted that 1 bar is equivalent to 0.1 MPa and needs to be converted when used.

The German standard specifies that oil pressure gauge accuracy is divided into A-level (±0.5%), B-level (±1.5%), and C-level (±2.5%). The above accuracy grades refer to the full error values.

We commonly use oil pressure gauges with a diameter of 60mm, with a C-level accuracy grade. For example, if a pressure value of 35MPa is detected using a C-level accuracy oil pressure gauge with a range of 60MPa, the error value is 0.875MPa when calculated according to the C-level accuracy. It can be seen that the actual error value of an oil pressure gauge is not only related to the accuracy grade, but also to the range size of the oil pressure gauge and the measured pressure value.

Selection points for oil pressure gauges

To ensure detection accuracy, when using two or more oil pressure gauges from the same manufacturer, brand, accuracy grade, range, and same production date to detect pressure values in the same hydraulic system, the oil pressure gauges should have the same filling level of silicone oil and anti-vibration structure.

The range of the oil pressure gauge should be within the detected pressure range. The smaller the range of the oil pressure gauge, the higher the accuracy and the smaller the error. Therefore, selecting an oil pressure gauge with a range larger than 25% of the detected value is beneficial in reducing range errors.

Testing environment for oil pressure gauges

An anti-vibration oil pressure gauge has certain requirements for operating temperatures and should not be used when the ambient temperature reaches zero degrees Celsius. Special environments, such as low temperature, high temperature, long detection distances or intense vibrations, can also affect the detection accuracy of anti-vibration oil pressure gauges.

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