Safety Hazards of Pressure Gauge Meter
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Safety Hazards of Pressure Gauge Meter

The technical engineer from GC Pressure Gauge want to share something about the hidden dangers of pressure gauge with you guys.

The pressure gauge is a type of common measuring instrument, which is widely used in various fields of the production and people's life. But how to standardize the use of pressure gauges? And whether the pressure gauges currently in use meet the standard requirements? GC Gauge has found a lot of problems in the installation and use of pressure gauge meters by the users when conducting inspection and maintenance of those pressure gauge meter. These problems bring great safety hazards mainly in the following aspects:

Pressure Gauge Safety Hazard No.1

It is not properly installed and configured in accordance with the standard procedures. The current regulations have clear requirements for installation, but in actual operation, the disc diameter and range do not match and the users randomly reduced the number of pressure gauge meters at the monitoring site, ignoring that the special requirements for pressure gauge meters in special environments, etc., are the focus of urgent correction.

Pressure Gauge Safety Hazard No.2

Not compulsory verification as required. Only after compulsory verification can its performance and accuracy be guaranteed. However, some users fail to realize the importance of verification with the high rate of over-testing and non-testing.

Pressure Gauge Safety Hazard No.3

No routine maintenance is performed. Enterprises do not pay enough attention to the maintenance of pressure gauges, and fail to perform irregular inspections and cleanings. The dials of pressure gauges are mostly incomplete or corroded or blurred, and the pressure protection film falls off. The gauge meter needle does not return to zero or the measurement is inaccurate during adjustment.

Pressure Gauge Safety Hazard No.4

The pressure gauges are not registered in the register. First of all, there is no fixed measurement manager, no follow-up account for the use of the corresponding pressure gauges and no original records that need to be retained, The certificates that are required to be retained are incomplete.

4th Floor, Building 4, No. 36, Lane 68, Fenglin Road, Xiaogang Street, Beilun District, Ningbo.