The Principle of Resistance Remote Transmission Pressure Gauge and the Advantages of Electric Contac
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The Principle of Resistance Remote Transmission Pressure Gauge and the Advantages of Electric Contac

Ⅰ. The goal and principle of the resistance remote pressure gauges

1. The resistance remote transmission pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure of liquid, steam and gas and other media that have no corrosive effect on steel and copper alloys, and through the potentiometer sensor inside the meter, the measurement is transmitted to the secondary meter far away from the measurement point as the electric quantity, so as to realize centralized inspection and remote control. At the same time, you can refer to the stainless steel bimetal thermometer to display the pressure on the spot, and check it on the spot. This meter can be connected with the diaphragm body to make a diaphragm type resistance remote pressure gauge, which is used to measure the pressure of the medium with strong corrosiveness, high viscosity and easy crystallization.

2. Working principle

The surface of the remote pressure gauge is composed of a reed pipe pressure gauge and a sliding wire resistance transmitter. The potentiometer device is on the gear transmission structure of the pressure gauge. When the measured pressure is passed into the reed tube, its free end is displaced, and the sector gear in the gear transmission mechanism is deflected by the connecting rod, and the brush fixed on the sector gear also slides on the sliding wire resistance accordingly. Therefore, the change of the measured pressure is converted into a change of the resistance value, which is transmitted to the secondary surface to indicate the corresponding pressure value. The primary appearance also indicates the corresponding pressure value together.

Ⅱ. The application advantages of electric contact pressure gauges

Presumably in the industrial environment, we should be familiar with electrical contact pressure gauge. As a very important tool, it really has a good use effect and plays a very important application advantage in the application process to meet the needs of the work process. Specific requirements, the following is a comprehensive introduction to the electrical contact pressure gauge in the working process, what are the important advantages?

First of all, the electric contact pressure gauge is more accurate and stable on the device, and the adjustable permanent magnet steel can increase the contact suction force, which has a good advantage in accelerating the contact action, and can naturally improve the daily work efficiency in an all-round way. It can ensure that the advantages of high precision and stability are more fully reflected, so that the contact effect of the contacts is more reliable, and it has better advantages in eliminating arcs and improving anti-interference ability.

Secondly, in various working environments, the vibration and pressure contacts can be closed frequently, thus effectively improving the anti-interference ability, with good precision and stability advantages, the reliability of action and occupational safety can reach more reliable standards, This naturally leads to better application functional advantages and to meet the requirements of various industrial environments, bringing better usage advantages.

The main reason for the widespread use of electric contact pressure gauges is that it can show more stable functions in various workplaces, meet the requirements of different environments, and meet application standards, thereby naturally bringing better application performance, avoiding various troubles and Influence, effectively avoid the losses caused by various failure problems.

4th Floor, Building 4, No. 36, Lane 68, Fenglin Road, Xiaogang Street, Beilun District, Ningbo.